Large private massage rooms: 

Our rooms are spacious yet intimate so you can let all thoughts drift away as you relax and just feel your body. 

Long flowing strokes: 

Long deep slow strokes soothe and speak to the heart. Flowing with and matching the body’s own rhythms, the massage therapist establishes a deep sense of trust. Muscles melt their tension as fingers, knuckles, elbows, and thumbs explore the back’s terrain, with a timeless pace that is hypnotic and pleasurable. 


The therapist coordinates her movements with your breath so you can focus one pointedly on sensation and she can reach deeper into the muscles of your back and legs. 

Intuition and knowledge of many techniques merge into a massage that flows and releases all levels of tension throughout the body and mind. 

Our experienced therapists know how tension resides in the criss crossing muscles which support the head. Her expert fingers follow the direction of the muscles and slip into the spaces where she senses tension. 

Foot Massage: 
We massage every nook and cranny, pull each toe and give attention to the energy points that reinvigorate all the body’s systems. You’ll touch the ground more fully and with a lighter step. 

Hot Towel Treatment: 
Toward the end of each massage you’ll receive a hot towel treatment. The warmth penetrates to your bones as you gently sink deeper into a profound relaxation.

The Experience

The delicious experience of a

Mandala Massage: