Clients Remarks

“During the years I’ve been seeing Michele, we’ve laughed a lot. She’s very strong and thorough. I feel ten years younger after my massage.” 

“Lynn gives a fabulous massage. She gets deeper into my muscles than I thought possible.” 

“I travel a lot and Lynn’s massage cures my jet lag and sets me sailing through the day. “ 

"Kit's massage takes away the pain and stiffness in my back; it makes me a happier guy."

“Jenna's youthful spirit comes through her hands. I leave cheerful and free from what had been bothering me.”

Here’s how the clients describe

our therapists:

“Jen is my favorite. I leave feeling I’ve visited heaven and take some of it with me.” 

“Sandra is a breath of fresh air. I just surrender into her care. Her massage is magical.” 

“After two hours of tennis, I trust Sandra to take away the soreness and restore my back and legs so I can go out and play again the next day.”